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 Who Is DLF Music?

David Lee Feinauer & Cathy Sue Feinauer

David will most likely be the person who talks to you on the phone, checks your order in, transfers your recording to cd, prints the cd and jewel case and ships out your order. During the busy times, Cathy, helps with everything other than the transfer process at the busy times.

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 Why Did DLF            Music  Get Started?

A Small Personal Project Grew Into New Business

While I've loved music my whole life,  I've never enjoyed any musical skill other than controlling the play button and volume knobs. This resulted in a collection of 400 lp records. For a long time I missed hearing all my old records as I had switched over to cds as most people did in the 80's and 90's. A number of years ago I started playing around with idea of finding a way to turn my records into cds. I tried a number of times without finding an economical, quality and time efficient method.

I tried one more time after talking with my neighbor at the time about loading my cds onto my computer so I could play an almost endless playlist. I found a method that worked well. The problem I found was it was going to take forever with my one system. It so happened my neighbor needed some house remodeling done I knew how to do and he had some equipment I could use for a second transfer system. Even with this second system it felt like my 400 records would take an eternity to transfer all 400.

I thought about what it would take get all the records transferred in a timely manner. It didn't take long and it became clear I was thinking about putting together enough equipment that would make a small business. With that I set out to perfect the good method and make it one a great one I was willing to but my name on and sell.



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