Goodyear - Great Songs of Christmas


 7653 Lakota Hills Dr.
 West Chester, Ohio 45069


Is there anyway to convert a record to cd? Yes, the transfer of a record to cd can be done by playing the album into a computer. The key to a good lps to cd restoration is the right sound card. To restore an album to cd it is important to use a high quality turntable.


I have a Goodyear - Great Songs of Christmas album is there a way to purchase a cd version? Yes Goodyear - Great Songs of Christmas cds can be obtained from Won’t it be nice to hear those long lost Goodyear Great Songs of Christmas


Can a reel to reel transfer to cd also be accomplished? A Reel to reel to cd conversion is made basically in the same way a vinyl to cd transfer is made. A 8 track to cd transfer can also be made if you have an 8 track tape player.


I have a Ralph Carmichael cassette can it be convert ed to cd?  ACassettes to cd restoration is also possible. Cassette transfer to cd is much like a vinyl restoration to cd. A cassette restoration to cd is best made with a new tape player.




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